In Response to Daily Prompt: A New Look

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever!

“The One I Love” is a short manga volume by CLAMP which consists of 12 story of different women dealing with their issues of everyday life, told in a simple yet charming and memorable way. Some notable pieces are stories about how words have different meanings when a loved one says them, women being insecure about dating younger men, falling in love with one’s boss, worrying about Valentine’s Day, and having a long-distance relationship. But the centerpiece of this work is a story about a woman dressing differently from her usual self, in the hope of changing herself for the sake of apologizing to someone. This chapter later inspired me — for the FIRST time in my life — to change myself in order to make things up.

The idea is that probably it would be easier for us to apologize if we become someone else, and thus we change our appearance to change our self.

I had a fight with my father, partly because of my fault. I refused to apologize because it wasn’t my fault to begin with. But then I misbehaved and it was all a mess. We didn’t talk for several days. I got depressed and when I couldn’t stand this situation anymore I decided that I would be the one who ended it. But first, I need courage to speak up and to take the risk of getting scolded by my father. I realize that my usual self might not be able to do it, so I decided to change. The woman in the story wore a kimono on the day she expressed her apology. As for me, since it was impossible to walk around with kimono, I simply got a new hair cut. I rarely get a haircut, and I used to consult my mother when I wanted to get one. But that day, I went alone to emphasize that it was me who had a decision. Oh well, my mother was actually mad at me, too.

And when I got home, everyone was surprised to see my new look. Then, I finally get straight to the point and it turned out really well. We were all, once again, a happy family.

I was really proud of myself for overcoming my own problem for the first time!


Daily Prompt: An Extreme Tale

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The quote describes my high school life perfectly. It was indeed best and worst moments of my life up until now. It was best of times, for all the achievement I made and living a live of a youngster. It was worst of times, for all the hardship that I had to overcome to survive life.

The last line maybe sound dramatic, but it was indeed hard for the likes of me. I was just 15 years old when I decided to leave home to attend a prestigious highschool 300 kms away from my birthplace. It could be brave — because I seize the chance — or stupid at the same time — because I just follow my guts and naivety! First, when I came to school I have to deal with culture shock, which I couldn’t help of being different and It made me feel inferior. I managed to made friend but she moved to other town far far away that I was left alone again. That was the second deal: loneliness.

I was living okay with my relatives until my grandma from my uncle passed away. The whole family moved away temporarily and entrusted me the house. Flood came occasionaly and water were scarce on dry season. I was shy and didn’t know how to seek help from my neighbour and I ended up taking care of my self alone. I hadn’t made a good friendship with anyone back then and I keep secret of my condition from my classmates. The family came back, but I wasn’t able to behave and ended up being disliked by family and neighbours.

Now let’s see my academic life. Well, I wasn’t accepted in that higschool for no reasons. I got a full three years scholarship! ..with an exchange, of course, that I would have to participate in as much as scientific competition as possible and bring back victory. Well, that sounds good but I was only good at one subject, I abandoned my math and physic and thus my grade were down. I was survived because I was good at biology and they gave me some tolerance because I was studying for competition. I was 15 and I managed to finish all three books of Campbells! I finally managed to make good friend, and we often travel to various cities for competition. And that was when I feel I was living my life, despite I failed many times. In the end, I didn’t reach my goal, but I was okay because I was living my life.

It was a lot of fun and stress. You don’t know how pride I am for overcoming that kind of life. I always refer this success as a “strenght that no one knows” since I hardly tell anyone about it. Oh well, now that I post it everyone will know, lol.

And that’s all. Phew, I write really well when it comes about my own self.

This year is almost over and so many things I missed. Fate/SN UBW first season has ended, but I haven’t been able to catch up. Psycho Pass 2, which I can only dream off. Miku Expo Jakarta finally get a streaming on YouTube and everyone are rambling about this sennheiser thing what the hell is shenneiser. I need my Tumblr so much because I’m having a bad week but I can’t access it from my office and I barely have internet connection at home.

This week is hard.


Hello, Bloggers! 

Ibarat anak magang yang baru masuk kantor, saya barangkali bisa dibilang seperti kurangajar ._. Kalau dipikir-pikir, setelah membuat blog ini, postingan pertama yang saya buat bukan tentang perkenalan, melainkan langsung curcol tidak karuan tentang Dinamika (Studi Perdana Memasuki Kampus). Yap, blog ini memang dibuat dadakan saat penulis sedang galau menjadi panitia ospek. Habisnya gimana ya ._. Penulis memang kelihatan pendiam, tapi dalam hati terbersit keinginan untuk eksis mengekpresikan diri. Apalagi saat Penulis menengok keadaan teman-temannya, Penulis merasa telah tertinggal jauh dibanding mereka. Oleh karena itu, Penulis memutuskan untuk mencoba hal baru — yang bagi orang lain biasa aja, tapi bagi penulis cukup ekstrim — yaitu dengan menjadi mentor pada ospek kampus. Iya, mentor. Yang membimbing adek-adek waktu ospek itu loh. Yang kuliah di STAN pasti tahu.

Yaa, bagaimana tidak esktrim, ya. Soalnya penulis presentasi aja jarang, nanya ke dosen juga enggak pernah ._. Penulis memang phobia ngomong di depan umum. Eeh, ini kok tau-tau mau jadi mentor ._. Tapi ya, bagaimana. Penulis di satu sisi merasa harus melakukan sesuatu terhadap ketertinggalan ini, di sisi lain Penulis merindukan rasa ambisius dan sedikit tekanan. Penulis memberanikan diri untuk menjalani pilihan itu, walaupun di belakang kapok juga, sih. Haha. Jangan ditiru ya, Bloggers. Soalnya jadi mentor itu butuh rasa tanggung jawab yang tinggi, loh.

Oke, cukup dengan curcol intermezzo-nya, langsung menuju topik utama postingan kali ini — perkenalan.

Blog ini dapat diakses dengan url “notelessritardando” — noteless ritardando. Saya mengambil kata-kata ini dari lirik salah satu lagu favorit saya berjudul “Snow Falling” yang dinyanyikan oleh trio utahime Kalafina —yang kapan-kapan akan penulis bahas di blog ini. Lagu ini menjadi theme song dari anime Kara no Kyoukai chapter 8: Epilogue. Lirik aslinya dalam Jepang sebagai berikut,

hako no naka no jikan no you na, onpu no nai ritardando

(Like the hours inside of  a box, a noteless ritardando)

Jujur saja, walaupun sudah di translate dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi Penulis masih enggak begitu paham apa intisari dari lagu ini. Tapi kata-katanya terdengar poetic dan memberi kesan yang gimana begitu :3 Tapi bagi yang suka Jejepangan, lagu ini recommended banget, ya 🙂 Ballad dengan kombinasi vokal yang bagus banget. Saat pertama kali putar, terdengar fresh dan enggak bosenin 🙂

Sedangkan blog ini Penulis beri nama “Monodialogue”, karena memang blog ini dibuat untuk ngomong sendiri. Curcol-curcol sendiri, dibaca-baca sendiri xD

Sepertinya cukup sekian perkenalan yang tidak bermutu ini. Untuk selanjutnya, Penulis akan rajin-rajin curcol posting, soalnya Penulis kan, 20-an, nih. Jadi sedang dalam masa-masa quarter-life crisis, gitu deh :v

*Penulis sedang nggabut magang pada saat menulis artikel ini*

Budaya Kampus – Overview

Nah, jadi untuk hari pertama ospek, topiknya adalah Budaya Kampus. Mengapa begitu? Jadi ceritanya, maba dan miba ini tidak memiliki senior. Kabar buruknya, maba miba jadi tidak punya contoh senior yang baik itu bagaimana, yang buruk bagaimana. Kabar baiknya, momen kekosongan ini dapat dimanfaatkan untuk membentuk budaya baru berupa kampus yang ideal 😀

Dengan demikian, ospek kali ini bertujuan mengarahkan mahasiswa baru untuk membentuk budaya baru tersebut. Budaya baru yang ideal yang seperti apa? Yaitu budaya yang membentuk mahasiswa menjadi aktif, kritis, peduli, kebersamaan dan sopan santun.

Memangnya budaya kampus yang lama seperti apa? Yaa, pokoknya kampusnya tidak seperti kampus. Mahasiswanya tidak seperti mahasiswa. Kurang hidup, begitu ._. Intinya, lembaga ingin supaya mahasiswanya mumpuni dalam bidang akademis, non-akademis, dan spiritual. Seimbang.

Apa untungnya budaya baru tersebut pada mahasiswa? Yaa, pengalaman membuktikan bahwa kebiasaan selama mahasiswa akan terbawa ke dunia kerja. Dari sini bisa ditimbang-timbang sendiri kan? 🙂

Sekarang masuk ke teknis diskusinya 😀 Maba dan miba melakukan diskusi dengan dipandu mentor. Di sini mereka bebas berdiskusi, budaya seperti apa yang ideal menurut mereka. Tentu saja, tugas mentor adalah mengarahkan mereka untuk berpikir tentang budaya yang ideal, jadi tidak semau mereka. Ketika diskusi, opsinya:

  1. Maba Miba dibagi menjadi 3 kelompok. Diskusi dilakukan per kelompok. Mentor masuk-masuk ke setiap kelompok. Masing-masing kelompok mengusulkan satu budaya. Kemudian dipilih satu diantaranya untuk dijadikan ikrar.
  2. Maba Miba sebagai satu kelompok, menyimpulkan satu budaya, langsung jadikan ikrar.

Ikrar? -___- Yup. Nanti ikrar tersebut ditulis, lalu dikumpulkan. Ikrar ini juga bertujuan agar mereka menjalankan budaya yang telah mereka diskusikan. Jadi, tidak hanya sekedar kata-kata. Ng, apakah akan ber-efek? Nggak yakin mereka bakal melakukan itu beneran .___. Hihi :3 berikut ada sebuah pepatah dari Lao Tse, yang juga menjadi kutipan andalan Margaret Thatcher

Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habit. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny

Ringkasnya, apa yang kita pikirkan akan menjadi kata-kata. Kata-kata akan menjadi perbuatan. Kumpulan perbuatan akan menjadi kebiasaan. Kebiasaan akan menentukan karakter. Karakter menentukan nasib hidup kita. Dari sini bisa menangkap kan? 🙂

Nah :3 sekarang harus memikirkan bagaimana menyampaikannya, lalu teknis ketika dikusi bagaimana. Bikin naskah :’3