Daily Prompt: An Extreme Tale

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The quote describes my high school life perfectly. It was indeed best and worst moments of my life up until now. It was best of times, for all the achievement I made and living a live of a youngster. It was worst of times, for all the hardship that I had to overcome to survive life.

The last line maybe sound dramatic, but it was indeed hard for the likes of me. I was just 15 years old when I decided to leave home to attend a prestigious highschool 300 kms away from my birthplace. It could be brave — because I seize the chance — or stupid at the same time — because I just follow my guts and naivety! First, when I came to school I have to deal with culture shock, which I couldn’t help of being different and It made me feel inferior. I managed to made friend but she moved to other town far far away that I was left alone again. That was the second deal: loneliness.

I was living okay with my relatives until my grandma from my uncle passed away. The whole family moved away temporarily and entrusted me the house. Flood came occasionaly and water were scarce on dry season. I was shy and didn’t know how to seek help from my neighbour and I ended up taking care of my self alone. I hadn’t made a good friendship with anyone back then and I keep secret of my condition from my classmates. The family came back, but I wasn’t able to behave and ended up being disliked by family and neighbours.

Now let’s see my academic life. Well, I wasn’t accepted in that higschool for no reasons. I got a full three years scholarship! ..with an exchange, of course, that I would have to participate in as much as scientific competition as possible and bring back victory. Well, that sounds good but I was only good at one subject, I abandoned my math and physic and thus my grade were down. I was survived because I was good at biology and they gave me some tolerance because I was studying for competition. I was 15 and I managed to finish all three books of Campbells! I finally managed to make good friend, and we often travel to various cities for competition. And that was when I feel I was living my life, despite I failed many times. In the end, I didn’t reach my goal, but I was okay because I was living my life.

It was a lot of fun and stress. You don’t know how pride I am for overcoming that kind of life. I always refer this success as a “strenght that no one knows” since I hardly tell anyone about it. Oh well, now that I post it everyone will know, lol.

And that’s all. Phew, I write really well when it comes about my own self.