In Response to Daily Prompt: A New Look

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever!

“The One I Love” is a short manga volume by CLAMP which consists of 12 story of different women dealing with their issues of everyday life, told in a simple yet charming and memorable way. Some notable pieces are stories about how words have different meanings when a loved one says them, women being insecure about dating younger men, falling in love with one’s boss, worrying about Valentine’s Day, and having a long-distance relationship. But the centerpiece of this work is a story about a woman dressing differently from her usual self, in the hope of changing herself for the sake of apologizing to someone. This chapter later inspired me — for the FIRST time in my life — to change myself in order to make things up.

The idea is that probably it would be easier for us to apologize if we become someone else, and thus we change our appearance to change our self.

I had a fight with my father, partly because of my fault. I refused to apologize because it wasn’t my fault to begin with. But then I misbehaved and it was all a mess. We didn’t talk for several days. I got depressed and when I couldn’t stand this situation anymore I decided that I would be the one who ended it. But first, I need courage to speak up and to take the risk of getting scolded by my father. I realize that my usual self might not be able to do it, so I decided to change. The woman in the story wore a kimono on the day she expressed her apology. As for me, since it was impossible to walk around with kimono, I simply got a new hair cut. I rarely get a haircut, and I used to consult my mother when I wanted to get one. But that day, I went alone to emphasize that it was me who had a decision. Oh well, my mother was actually mad at me, too.

And when I got home, everyone was surprised to see my new look. Then, I finally get straight to the point and it turned out really well. We were all, once again, a happy family.

I was really proud of myself for overcoming my own problem for the first time!